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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Seven Words I Never Thought I'd Say

I actually feel bad for Paris Hilton.

That's right. I said it. And while I certainly don't agree that her story is news. While I applaud Brian Williams for not mentioning this ridiculous media circus in his NBC Evening News broadcast. (Especially after I thought I would never mention it myself.)

While I believe that Paris Hilton exemplifies so much of what is wrong in America today as she flaunts her attitude of entitlement, her wealth and the image that what's important is what she's wearing and who's noticing it. And while it truly makes me sad to think that there are young girls out there who look up to her as a role model, also buying into the idea that it's status, beauty, high heels and dresses that leave little to the imagination as to what's under them - that it's who you are and who you know, and more importantly, who knows you that makes you somebody . . . Need I go on?

But what is just as repulsive to me are the millions of people who are actually rejoicing in Ms. Hilton's recent trouble. There are people out there celebrating because she has been sent to jail. And the media frenzy surrounding it all is even more repulsive. I mean, a reporter (not paparazzi mind you, but a "legitimate" TV news reporter) was almost run over yesterday by the sheriff's car driving Paris back to court because of the piranha like atmosphere in trying to get pictures of a young woman in tears in the back.

For all that I find wrong with her behavior, Paris Hilton is a human being. I don't think it's a thing to celebrate when anyone gets sent to prison. Yes, she was on probation and she violated that probation and there are consequences to that. But why do we find it our business to know exactly what her sentence is, when she will report to jail, what she is eating and reading in her cell . . . she's just another young woman who screwed up. She's been sentenced by a judge and she's going to have to do her time. It happens everyday, people.

As if it wasn't bad enough that society made her into a celebrity for being a pretty girl with money; it's now society that has turned on her and decided that it's entertaining to watch her struggle through what would be one of the toughest things any of us would have to suffer through. I mean, I actually feel ill when I see the frenzy of flashbulbs, microphones and helicopters tracking her every move.

Have our priorities ever been so messed up?

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At 6/10/2007 08:57:00 PM, Blogger Alex Elliot said...

I have to say I agree!


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