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Friday, May 4, 2007

Got Ants?

Nothing too exciting to report. The sun is finally making an extended appearance around these parts and the temperatures are forecast to rise into the high 70's (maybe even 80) by Monday or Tuesday. Personally, I don't need 80's weather yet; I like the moderate 70's, but I guess I shouldn't be complaining after suffering what felt like a monsoon less than two weeks ago and some very cold March temps.

Other than that I'm working, working, working . . . and trying to make what time I actually see my husband quality time. Spring and summer are busy for us because I work seasonally and to avoid throwing the money I make away into daycare my husband and I work opposite schedules. It's great for the kids and for my husband because they get to spend lots of time together, but as husband and wife our time together is often too short. But it works - it always does - and we find the time and sometimes it actually makes us pay more attention to each other instead of the computer or TV.

I'm kind of babbling tonight. It's kind of just the way my head is right now I guess. Kind of scattered. We've got a lot going on. Besides work, we're getting ready for my sister's wedding (YEAH!) in a couple of weeks in which both my boys will be donning tuxedos and my other sister will be here with my nephew and niece. We're all excited to see them and I can't wait to see my baby sister in her wedding dress telling the man she loves how she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. (Plus I've got a bachelorette party to attend and that should be lots of fun!)

And of course, the school year is winding down, we've got birthday parties to attend, I'm trying to find time to catch up with friends, let's not forget Mother's Day in a little over a week . . . Like I said I'm busy (as I'm sure you are) and a bit scattered.

But I'm happy :)

Today I learned: that cinnamon is a great ant repellent.

That's right. Cinnamon. One of my co-workers was telling me about an ant problem she was having and then she promptly showed me these little brown patches along the floor and near the window . . . Cinnamon.

I had no idea. She pointed out that it was a great alternative to poisons especially for people with children. (Read: Me) And I heard myself saying, "I learn something new everyday!" Simultaneously it occurred to me that I had my "something new" for tonight's entry :)

So if you have ants where you don't want them - say no to pesticides and YES to cinnamon!!!

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At 5/05/2007 09:43:00 AM, Blogger Em said...

Cinnamon? That's so cool! I am always look for environmentally friendly options to keep the various animals outdoors that, in my opinion, should live outdoors. I'm more than happy for them to play in my yard...just not my kitchen. I try to save that room for our family and the animals we actually bought/adopted/or otherwise obtained by choice.

And I'm glad you are happy!

At 5/08/2007 06:26:00 PM, Blogger Alex Elliot said...

What a great fact! I'll have to post that on my moms group listserve.

At 5/15/2007 06:57:00 PM, Anonymous Loushe said...

Vinegar works great too! They hate the smell of it.


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