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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Mama Says Om: Uberlist 2007

I found this great website entitled, Mama Says Om, and it's a place where a panel of moms comes up with a weekly prompt to offer up to anybody to post on their own blogs using words, pictures, original artwork, graphics - Whatever! Then they post links to each participants entry and you can go an surf the interpretations of others.

This week's prompt is: uberlist. I needed some assistance to define exactly what an "uberlist" was, but now that I know it's "a big fat list of all you'd like to accomplish in the coming year." So here's mine; My uberlist for 2007:

1. I WILL write everyday.
2. I WILL read more fiction.
3. I WILL exercise at least three times a week.
4. I WILL find a volunteer activity I can participate in.
5. I WILL go out once a month with my girlfriends.
6. I WILL write the majority of my novel.
7. I WILL speak up when necessary at work.
8. I WILL keep a cleaner house.
9. I WILL learn how to cook at least five meals for my husband.
10. I WILL stop nagging, criticizing, picking on/at and fighting with my husband so much.
11. I WILL be a better listener.
12. I WILL put more focus on personal nutrition.
13. I WILL be less confrontational in my opinions.
14. I WILL make a point to have more discussions with other adults.
15. I WILL have a full physical exam.
16. I WILL find my personal style and buy clothes I feel good about wearing.
17. I WILL finish the kids' baby books.
18. I WILL organize and print photos for albums, frames, etc.
19. I WILL construct a fabulous website for writers, women and mothers.
20. I WILL continue to be politically informed and take the next step to becoming an activist.
21. I WILL write two more short stories.
22. I WILL (maybe) go back to school and NOT quit a few weeks into it.
23. I WILL find my career.
24. I WILL love and laugh more, worry and plan less.
25. I WILL keep up with my letter writing to my sister through Women for Women International.
26. I WILL give blood at least twice (like I keep saying I'm going to!)

27. We WILL go outside to play more often.
27. We WILL turn off the television more.
29. We WILL find a charity we can contribute to as a family.
30. We WILL take a family vacation for just the four of us.
31. We WILL develop a solid bedtime routine that includes everyone sleeping in their own bed.
32. We WILL eat dinner at the table together every evening.
33. We WILL eat less fast food.
34. We WILL meet our new neighbors and form relationships in our neighborhood.
35. We WILL yell less.
36. We WILL spend more time doing family activities (ie. playing games, reading, drawing, etc.)
37. We WILL consume less and have a positive impact on the environment.
38. We WILL create a garden in our backyard.
39. We WILL live by a budget.
40. We WILL start a compost pile.
41. We WILL become more energy efficient.
42. We WILL enjoy the beauty of nature.
43. We WILL slow down and enjoy the little moments we have together.

44. We WILL spend more quality time together (with the TV turned off).
45. We WILL schedule at least one date night per month.
46. We WILL have a night out with friends once a month.
47. We WILL listen to each other more.
48. We WILL sleep in the same bed more often :)
49. We WILL work as a team and compromise more often.
50. We WILL read a book together and discuss what we've read.
51. We WILL plan for our retirement.
52. We WILL respect and encourage one another in our hopes and dreams as individuals.
53. We WILL stop going to bed angry.
54. We WILL communicate more effectively and talk more.
55. We WILL appreciate one another as the individual spirits that we are.
56. We WILL not try to change one another.
57. We WILL show our love more.
58. We WILL say "I love you," whenever we leave one another.
59. We WILL go on an anniversary getaway this year.

60. We WILL create the home we always dreamed we would have.
61. We WILL repair the roof.
62. We WILL update the electrical.
63. We WILL paint at least the living room, the dining room and the two bedrooms.
64. We WILL landscape the backyard.
65. We WILL create a more "green" homestead.
66. We WILL use the fireplace for at least one romantic cuddle under a flannel blanket.
67. We WILL not clutter our garage with junk, but let my husband use it as his auto shop ;)
68. We WILL organize this house better than our apartment.
69. We WILL blissfully use our dishwasher.
70. We WILL invite family and friends over for drinks, dinner and good times regularly.
71. We WILL make our house cozy and comfortable for all who enter it.
72. We WILL remember how much we wanted this house when things go wrong.
73. We WILL be grateful that we have the means to pay a mortgage for a home that will take care of us after we retire.

It's a start . . .

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At 1/02/2007 07:46:00 PM, Blogger Em said...

Confession time. I came to your blog cause I saw a comment you had left on another blog...and I totally loved your profile photo! The candle and pentacle are awesome.

Now I'm here and I really enjoy ALL of your blog! I'll be back!!

At 1/02/2007 08:14:00 PM, Blogger cherylann said...

i uber-heart you!

At 1/03/2007 08:36:00 PM, Blogger Mommy off the Record said...

Um, can I copy your lists and make them mine? Because I think you summed up everything I want to do too!


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