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Friday, April 20, 2007

My Poem to the Earth

It was school vacation around these parts, so my boys and I headed to "the beach house" as my two-year-old referred to it to see my mom for a couple of days. The weather was awful - cold and very wet thanks to a spring nor'easter that slowly came through - but it was a lot of fun anyway. If nothing else we (read I) were able to get away from the stress and daily routine of our reality. (That included the computer/internet which was a nice break indeed.)

Onto more exciting things . . . This is my poetry entry for the week. This poet isn't as well known as the others I have previously mentioned, but I think he's actually better.

My son was watching PBS today and they were talking about Earth Day (this Sunday) all morning. Suddenly my four-year-old turned to me and said, "Mommy, this is my poem to the Earth." And here is what he came up with:

The earth is sweet,
The earth is beautiful.
I love green trees
And playing in the backyard.

We should keep the earth clean.
I also like bugs,
I want a tarantula but Mommy says no because she doesn't like spiders.

"And that's my poem about the earth." (I know, I know. Go ahead, tell me he's a genius; a poet laureate in the making.) It does warm your heart, doesn't it?

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