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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sporadic Posting = Busy (Happy) Life

I realize my posts have been sporadic lately, but someone :) pointed out to me that he actually enjoys visiting my blog and noticing that I haven't been posting very regularly. He (quickly) told me that while he enjoys reading what I have to say (whether it be personal or political) he experiences a moment of joy by my blog absence because it means that I'm busy living my life; busy spending time with my family; busy being away from the Internet. Although I had never consciously thought of it that way, I realized as soon as he said it that it was true.

I have been busy (and dealing with illnesses, my own and my children's) lately. I am easing back into work. I've been helping my sister with wedding responsibilities (Yeah! Less than two months away!), planning a housewarming party, dealing with some very small concerns regarding my son at school . . . I've been busy. And while I've still been checking in with some of my online friends and reading the things that I enjoy reading, no, I haven't been blogging. And that's OK.

I respect and enjoy the comments I get from readers. I appreciate that while we are ALL busy there are those of you who take time out to stop by my little nook and read what I have to say. But, of course, my biggest responsibility is to myself and to my family; so I will continue to blog when I can, but there may be lapses. I will continue to use this space as a place to rant and to think out loud and to vent, but as I approach my one year "blogaversary" I realize that I must make choices and sometimes my choice will be not to write and instead jump into my new interest in gardening, get back to writing some fiction (which has been neglected for too long), continue ticking off titles on my "to read" list (while adding two titles for every one I read) - and of course there's plenty to do with my kids (and my husband, too).

So keep checking in . . . I've actually got a couple of topics running around in my head at the moment. (Don't worry, Alex, I'll be posting the Real Moms meme next!)

I'm off to read some more of Born on a Blue Day, which is excellent btw.

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At 4/04/2007 02:16:00 PM, Blogger Alex Elliot said...

I absolutely agree! I have to admit though that I'm glad that you posted today because I've missed reading your blog!


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