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Sunday, February 25, 2007


So I've been in a writing mood lately and because of that my reading has fallen quite behind. In fact, I have a stack of magazines I need to catch up with. And books? Forget it. That's why I'm hoping that reading a few banned books this week will give me a jumpstart.

Anyway, as I'm catching up I've found quite a few excellent articles that I want to share. I won't offer up too much commentary, but do encourage you to check out the links. I'm only putting the good ones out there, so if you find that you have some time be sure and give at least one or two a quick read:

  • Here's a great article from the New York Times about one of my favorite organizations, It's a good introduction for those of you still not familiar with the organization, founded by some of the same people who started, who are really working toward making a change in how the U.S. treats families (and mothers in particular) with grassroots movements to change and create legislation. In fact, they have a documentary that illustrates the need for such an organization and I'm contemplating hosting a screening party of my own to get the word out. Details to follow on that since I don't even have the DVD yet. (Don't worry, Cheryl, I'll be inside so there's no worry of my canceling due to rain or cold :)

  • Also the Virtual March to Stop Global Warming has some interesting things happening over at their website. They've teamed up with the Natural Resources Defence Council to create a Beat the Heat interactive map, "that highlights the global warming solutions and consequences . . . and concrete actions that will drastically cut global warming pollution." This is one of those things that will take minutes to investigate, but provides valuable information and easy solutions for people like you and me in doing our part to slow global warming.

  • I found a similar article in my inbox a few weeks ago (but am just getting around to reading) from the NRDC's "This Green Life" publication. Author Sheryl Eisenberg points out that while we can each do a little something to promote energy efficiency, waste reduction, etc. the most important thing is to get others involved as well. Her metaphor is that we should act not individually but as levers to assist others in making changes to their lives and that by acting as levers we can make that change easier and have a greater effect on the environment. (Reminds me of you, Shannon! Great idea to carpool to Parents Night Out - why take two cars when you only need one?)

  • And finally, (for this installment at least) you must read this short blurb on The Progressive's website about Bush's proposed cuts to public television. The Administration has tried this move before, but previous attempts have been thwarted by a viewing public that said, "No Way!" Well, that time has come again as Bush has proposed a 25% reduction of federal funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. If you don't even need to read the article to know that this is a bad idea and want to do something about it, click on over to and sign their petition now.

I guess that does it for now. I'm sure I'll have all sorts of things to add in the coming weeks as I try to make some headway in my backed-up reading department. Yes, it will probably take weeks :)

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