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Monday, February 5, 2007

Do You Really Want to Know?

I've been tagged. Yes, it's true. Alex believes that people might be interested to learn six "weird" things about me. (Either that or she just needed people to tag because apparently I have to tag six more people myself.) At any rate, I don't know how weird any of this will be, but here goes . . .

  1. I have this (sometimes overwhelming) fear that I will die in a car accident on the highway. It usually creeps up on me when I'm driving, no less, on the highway and my heart begins to pound and I merge over into the slow lane and I won't let my car go one mile over the speed limit and my eyes dart all over the place looking for potential trouble ... Anyway, you get the idea. It doesn't happen all the time - there are plenty of times when I cruise along without a care in the world (especially early in the morning when there aren't too many people on the road) - but it happens enough. Enough said.
  2. I can't stand looking at people's feet on television. OK, this one is definitely "weird" because, generally, I'm not bothered by other people's feet say at the beach or in the summer when everyone is wearing sandals - but there's just something about seeing feet on TV. I have to leave the room whenever the Elmo's World segment on feet comes on; I have to change the channel when the commercial about the foot fungus comes on, the one for the prescription medication and the yellow foot fungus guy with eyes and teeth and they pull up the toenail so he can crawl in .... OK. I know there must be others who find that particular ad unsettling, but overall, no feet on TV for me.
  3. I'm a scab picker and a lip biter. I simply can't stand to have anything but smoothness when it comes to my skin. I will bite and bite at my lip until it bleeds (and my eyes may even tear up) just to have a fresh new, SMOOTH, layer of skin to work with. (It's also a nervous habit and I always bite my lip, ravenously, when I'm worried or anxious. My husband yells at me when I do it.) We may be heading toward to much information, so I'll take a step back on the next one.
  4. I can dislocate my left shoulder at will. I used to do it all the time - kind of like a party trick - and actually had to go to physical therapy to try and fix it. It got better, but I can still do it. Hurts more now though. Must be because I'm getting old.
  5. And finally, this is totally weird ... totally out of character for me ... You're all going to be so surprised ... shocked maybe ... If the Democrats put up a chimpanzee for President in 2008 I will vote for him/her rather than vote for another Republican. (Besides of those in the running right now, the chimp is the only one who hasn't sold his soul to the highest campaign contributor.)

That's enough of that. I'm tired. I need to go to bed. So I tag Gretchen (of course!), Shani, Em, Christina, Cristina and . . . Damn. I don't even have six people to tag. Definitely time for bed.

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At 2/06/2007 12:07:00 AM, Blogger Alex Elliot said...

I'm really impressed with how quickly you posted! I figured you were probably pretty busy so I almost tagged someone else, but I was curious about what you had to say. I HATE the foot fungus commericial. I usually don't get squimish, but whenever I see that commericial I have to change the channel.

At 2/06/2007 12:19:00 AM, Blogger cherylann said...

you mean that i have to think of something weird about me??? what the crap? six weird things? you are in big trouble for tagging me. dammit. xoxo- gretchen

ps- it is -2 with a wind chill of -16... sweet. last night it was -18 degrees with a -30 wind chill- i definitely didn't sign up for this.

At 2/06/2007 07:21:00 PM, Blogger Em said...

I'm not sure if I should be honored...or not? LOL I've never been tagged you are my first. They say you always remember your first. ;)

At 2/07/2007 05:50:00 PM, Blogger CPA Mom said...

No surprise here - I'd go for the Chimp too.


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