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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Keith Olbermann Fights Back for All of Us

Last night Keith Olbermann closed out his broadcast with his "Special Comment" segment and yet again went on the offensive against the Bush Administration and all it's propagandist glory. Now, I don't have cable, and often I don't feel I'm missing out - I loathe cable news channels because they have taking all meaning out of the word "news" in that they will cover anything that will bring in viewers, newsworthy or not; but that's an entirely different post - but I missed out last night.

I caught the video on the Crooks and Liars blog and Olbermann's commentary is so good, I just have to encourage as many of you as possible to check out the segment. It's just so refreshing, invigorating really, to see SOMEONE in the media standing up for the truth instead of spewing back press releases and skewed facts or outright lies to the audiences who depend on them to act as a filter and provide them with the truth.

Olbermann responded to the use of the recent Bill Clinton-Chris Wallace interview where, as touted by rightwing propaganda machines, Clinton "loses it" and "goes crazy" when faced with questions regarding his inability to take care of Osama Bin Laden during Clinton's tenure. Clinton becomes emotional and admits that he failed in taking care of the Bin Laden threat, but fires back, and quite vehemently, that "others" had eight months to continue to try and catch Bin Laden, but they "didn't even try."

Then came 9/11 and suddenly Bush tries to make himself out to be the hero by going into Afghanistan, and later Iraq, to weed out the terrorist threats that threaten American lives at home. The Bush Administration wants us to believe that they could have never prepared for such an attack as 9/11, that no one could have known what was coming, then as midterm elections are coming up suddenly he and his cronies want us to believe that it was Clinton's fault, a Democrat by the way, that 9/11 happened.

It's pathetic! It's outrageous! It's insulting when you realize that Bush is counting on Americans being stupid in that we can't remember the crap that came out of his mouth five years ago when 9/11 happened!!! Maybe he's the one who suffers from short term memory loss - or maybe he's just so damn arrogant that he actually believes that the "American people" will simply believe whatever comes out of his trap - Kind of like the word of God, maybe?

Anyway, I can't type anymore because as I do I'm getting angrier and angrier and my fingertips are starting to throb because I'm hitting the keyboard so hard. And I don't want to break my keyboard because then I won't be able to type at all and God knows what outright fallacy will come out of the White House tomorrow.

So watch the video or read the transcript, please. It's about 10 minutes out of your day, but well worth the time. It's a wonderfully written piece and I love that it has some great words and phrases in it - like "malfeasance," and "bleat and whine and bully," and "without conscience or shame," - it's beautiful!!

Thank you, Mr. Olbermann for standing up against your corporate sponsors, for going against the grain of your complacent peers and for giving a voice to the millions of Americans who are fed up, who are sick of being lied to and who are ready for a change to come. The groundswell is well underway - I feel a tidal wave a coming and, with any luck, politics as usual will never be the same.


At 9/26/2006 04:48:00 PM, Blogger Senor said...

Olbermann is an idiot. His show is comprised of hysterical personal attacks.

His ratings are ROCK BOTTOM and sinking even lower.
Pimp My Ride has 4 times as many viewers.

The perfect role model for the looney left.

At 9/26/2006 05:10:00 PM, Blogger Linus said...

Idiot? The looney left, huh? Well, I would expect nothing less than the throwing out of insults when you don't have the facts to counter what Olbermann said.

Let me just advise you, sir, that blind allegiance to anything is dangerous and when the sh*t hits the fan your conservative president won't be looking out for you and your conservative friends. He'll step on you as he runs out the back door, just as he's done to all of us since 2001, and he won't even have the common courtesy to say excuse me -

But you can keep uttering the party line like a broken record if you wish. This is America afterall, although I'm sure Bush & Co. would certainly like to take away Freedom of Speech along with rights to privacy and due process.

At 9/27/2006 09:30:00 AM, Blogger cherylann said...

sorry i didn't call last night. i've been fighting off this killer migraine since saturday. let me know what a good time for you is.
xoxo- cherlito


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