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Sunday, September 24, 2006

P.S. Check out Controlled Chaos

I'm tired tonight, so I don't have anything original coming out of my brain. Instead, I thought I'd offer up another website that I keep forgetting to mention.

It's called Controlled Chaos and it's a wonderful blog - but not in the "traditional" sense (although aren't blogs supposed to be anything but traditional - isn't that the point?). Anyway, Rob's blog is a photographic study in the everyday and his photographs are amazing. He posts lots of nature photos with simple subjects and composition, and vibrant colors that jump off the screen.

My most recent favorite is the "Friendly Frog" with crisp, green blades of grass that surround the little guy like a fortress as he tries to hide from the camera's prying eye. Great, great photos.

So if you have a few moments, click on by Controlled Chaos and let Rob (or me) know what you think :)


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