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"Pace is all. Rhythm is master. Consistency is your friend."

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random Thought Thursday: Quote

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily." --Mike Murdock

What do you want to change in your daily life? Now, think baby steps. Don't get ahead of yourself. What's something simple that you could do today and tomorrow and the next day to interrupt your previously monotonous, unfulfilling routine?

I think I'd like to start with my health. When I read this quote the very first time, it hit me immediately - I need to start taking my daily walk. You know, the one I've been threatening to take for about . . . oh six or seven months . . . the one I said last March I was going to start taking as soon as the weather warmed up :)

Never happened. But just think of all the wonderful things that would result from a daily walk:

  • 1. There's the obvious - My health will improve; my heart will pump more efficiently, I won't get winded going up stairs and I won't get a stitch in my side anymore after walking uphill

  • 2. What about the time alone to think, to observe the world around me, to watch as the leaves on the trees change color, to smile at the squirrels gathering nuts for winter - the peace that will envelop me by taking some time out to just enjoy nature.

  • 3. A sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that I set a goal to take a walk everyday, and I did it!

  • 4. And who knows what might be next since I'm feeling better about myself from the inside out - 2007 Boston Marathon here I come!!! (OK, getting a little out of hand there, but the quote said this is how I change my life!)

So think of one simple thing you can do today, something you've been putting off, something you've been telling yourself you don't have time for - is it getting time alone to read? To write? To keep in touch with your friends? To get in some kind of physical activity?

Start small and see how big of a difference it can make.


At 9/21/2006 05:51:00 PM, Blogger MuseinMeltdown said...

Yep - that daily walk is something even I could day soon.

Hugs my friend...hugs Shani

I think though for today, I will just think about it...

At 9/21/2006 07:00:00 PM, Blogger Linus said...

I didn't make it on the walk today either ... Posted kind of late and then my in-laws offered to take my boys for dinner. So instead of walking I went to dinner, alone, with my husband. An excellent trade off, I think :)

I will walk tomorrow for sure (hopefully!)


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