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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day Twelve: What a Difference a Day Can Make

Last night I was tired - really, really tired. But I got some sleep last night and I've had a wonderful day today :)

Today I am grateful for so many things. The first being my family, and the increased possibility that by the end of January 2007 we will be sleeping in our very own HOUSE!!! That's right. We made an offer today and it has been accepted, so barring issues with the home inspection or the like - GAME ON!!!

I can't believe it really. I mean, my husband and I have been talking about buying our own home for more than a year, but it wasn't until recently that our hopes were able to become reality. And now, after searching for not even a month, it appears that we have found exactly what we want! It seems so good that I can't help but be nervous. Then there's the whole thought of paying a mortgage, having money lying around for house emergencies, maintenance - I mean, once this house is ours it also becomes our responsibility. It kind of feels like the nerves I had after the initial adrenalin wore off when I found out I was pregnant with my first son. You know, when you start thinking about how much it's going to cost you to feed, clothe and take care of another human being for at least two decades? And of course there was the most nerve-wracking thought that I was about to be responsible not only for the physical well-being but the emotional upbringing of this baby.

A lot to take in.

But this house thing is all good and I'm not going to let my nervousness get in the way of my HAPPINESS!!! Yeah for us! It's not a done deal, by any means; things can still go wrong, so please keep happy thoughts and fingers crossed for us :)

I'm also grateful that I was able to watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." If it hasn't become obvious by now, then this must be the first post you've read during the last two weeks, but I love Christmas movies! And the Grinch is no exception. My only disappointment was that my four year old was already asleep due to his cold. Yes, he's still sick, but I do believe he's on the mend, so of course I had to let him sleep. We've been listening to Christmas music a lot lately - again I'm sure you already know this - and he loves the theme music from the Grinch. He was just telling me today how much he liked it and was wondering if I could play it in the car while we were driving. I'm glad I got to see it anyway.

By the way, not only did I have a great day, but I had it exactly one week before my birthday. That's right, I mentioned to my husband today right after we made the offer on the house that the karma was good; One week from my birthday, today was the 12th - twelve being my number back in the day when I used to play sports, my birthday being the 19th and the number on the house being 19. Hopefully, we're on a role here ;)

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At 12/13/2006 07:14:00 PM, Blogger MuseinMeltdown said...

Wow - fingers and toes crossed for you.... hugs Shani...


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