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Friday, August 18, 2006

RIP Black Nose

Well, as you can infer from the title of this post - Black Nose is no longer with us. I found him, as if frozen in time, floating by the filter on Tuesday morning. My son apparently noticed right away when he woke up that morning (I was at work and feeling VERY guilty about not being there for him) and wanted to know where Black Nose had gone. My husband, being the wonderful father he is, explained everything to him. My son seemed to take the actual death better than he did impending death a few days previously. I guess he had had time to think it all through - the whole cycle of life thing.

He even asked about getting a new fish when I came home that afternoon - after he told me about Black Nose's death. However, he did stipulate that he's not "ready" to get a new fish right now and that a new fish wouldn't be the same as Black Nose - just so I know :)

Then it was off to the beach for the past couple of days. Our last vacation before the craziness of school begins. It was nice. It was quiet. Exactly what everyone should have every couple of weeks. I could sit in front of the ocean for hours at a time, especially at sunset. So I managed an hour or so last night with my notebook and pen in hand. It was so peaceful and I felt so at ease, so relaxed. It was just the thing I needed to recharge.

So thank you all for your positive thoughts regarding Black Nose - I guess he was just ready for Fish Heaven and who are we to prevent him from going into the Light :)

I've got lots of things floating around in my head, but we literally just got home and I have laundry and cleaning and unpacking to do. I promise to write again later as I get rid of my "beach brain" and settle back into reality.

Until then, remember: "In the book of life the answers aren't in the back." --Charlie Brown


At 8/18/2006 04:56:00 PM, Anonymous loushe said...

RIP Black Nose.

We are glad we got to meet you and may you meet Balloon Molly on your way (something must be going around Nancy, because one of our fish died Tuesday night).

Give Liam an extra big hug for us and tell him he's a brave boy!

We'll miss Black Nose too.


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