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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It Happens All the Time

This was the entry from The Blog of Henry David Thoreau today. (If you want to read something really interesting this is one of the good ones. The blog updates daily with an excerpt from a journal entry of Thoreau's that corresponds to that particular date. And since he was a New Englander it's a great read for me, especially when he talks about the changing seasons as I can see the same things, more than a hundred years later, in my own backyard.) Anyway, here's the quote:

"No sooner has the ice of Walden melted than the wind begins to play in dark ripples over the surface of the virgin water. It is affecting to see nature so tender, however old, and wearing none of the wrinkles of age. Ice dissolved is the next moment as perfect water as if it had been melted a million years. To see that which was lately so hard and immovable now so soft and impressible! What if our moods could dissolve thus completely? It is like a flush of life to a cheek that was dead."

I always find it so amazing how cyclical and repetitive things are. In this world of new technology and never before seen medical advances, etc., in everyday life and in most people's realities things haven't changed all that much. Sure there are cellphones and our perception that we have "less time," but the very essence of our daily living, of our families, of what we do with our spare time - not much has changed. While our great-great-grandparents would probably think we look like chickens running around with our heads cut off, they would still be able to recognize the majority of what we do in our 24 hours of time day in and day out.

And this entry of Thoreau's is particularly intriguing to me because he could have written it yesterday; it's exactly what I've been seeing myself for the past three days.

This is just one of the many reasons why I love to read . . .

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At 3/14/2007 06:31:00 PM, Blogger Em said...

What a perfect excerpt from his writing. It describes my yard at this very moment.

So many of us are out of sync with the rhythm of nature, the beauty of the earth, and the simple little changes that go on around us daily. I work hard to re-connect with nature. And I will definitely check out the blog you mention.


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