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Sunday, October 29, 2006

MoveOn.Org: Call for Change

Call For Change

I got an email today from one of my favorite organizations, MoveOn.Org. They asked for my help in getting Democrats out to vote. Historically, getting people out to vote has been a Republican strength, but if Americans really do want a change, then voting is the only thing we've got.

From the MoveOn site:
"This year, victory will come down to voter turnout. We've found the Democratic-leaning people who often don't vote in mid-term elections like this one. If we can just get these “unlikely voters” to vote, they'll provide a winning margin in a whole bunch of races.

"Over 30 races are in a dead heat – margins of a few thousand or few hundred votes. We’ve tested these calls, and we know they work – the people we talk to are much more likely to turn out. Your calls could tip the balance – but we're in a daily struggle to make sure we're reaching more voters than the Republicans’ infamous turnout program. Can you help?"

MoveOn is asking people to sign up to call people in their area, either individually or by holding or attending a phone party, and remind them to vote on November 7th. MoveOn will give you a phone list to call people at your leisure or will provide the list for a group to call all in one night. If you're interested, click on the link above for more information.

Now I'm not usually one for cold calling - personally, I don't like receiving them and therefore wouldn't like making them either. So if you're not one for calling strangers either, then I ask you to at least call family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances to remind them to vote one week from Tuesday. These kinds of reminders do make a difference - just ask the Republicans.

Every little bit counts, my fellow citizens looking for a change. Remember this election is a big one. The least you can do is go out and cast your vote on November 7th. If you feel like doing a little more, with the potential of having a big effect, then please remind the other registered voters in your life to cast their ballot, too.

While you're at it, remember to get their addresses too - Christmas is only eight weeks away and those holiday cards will be going out before you know it!!!

P.S. The Philosophy Blog War is still going strong and I am currently sitting in and around fifth place. Check out my entry and if you like it - VOTE FOR ME!!!

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