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Monday, May 1, 2006


OK .. I know this is a hot button issue for a lot of you, although why exactly I have no idea. It was reported last week that Spanish versions of the national anthem have been recorded and are hitting the airwaves. OMG! Are you serious? How could "we" have let this happen? "They" don't have a right to change our national (war) anthem! Who do they think "they" are? This is America and we speak American - so take your blasphemous song and #@*@$#!

Seriously, what is the big deal? Has there been any suggestion that the Spanish version of the national (war) anthem replace the English version? Not that I've heard. So what are we all really upset about? I'll tell you what ... "They" are slowly taking over! First it's educating our children in public schools to speak Spanish ... then it's the Spanish national anthem ... what's next? "They" are going to take to the streets in protest and try and influence American legislation! OMG! The sky is falling!

Can we all just take a step back and really focus on what is going on here? Pure and simple racism. The United States is famous for it - was founded on it really. And after two hundred plus years, we continue to broadcast to the world that we don't want "their" kind in our country because we're AMERICANS by God and we want to keep it that way!

To be perfectly honest, I don't really believe in citizenship or borders ... I don't believe in legislating who gets to go where, when and how long it takes them to officially join the citizenship club. If "we" want to be completely honest, "we" have contributed in large part to the international poverty that exists and if it wasn't for that fact people wouldn't have to sneak across borders to enter this country and make a little money that they can then send home to support their families. It's because of the U.S. agenda that poor countries remain poor - through agreements like CAFTA and NAFTA - that citizens in Mexico, Latin & South America aren't able to make enough money to support themselves at home.

And let's be honest for one more second - the life of an immigrant worker is far from spectacular. "They" are paid obscenely low wages (there is no such thing as minimum wage for "them"), "they" are forced to work day and night for what little "they" are paid and often times "they" don't even receive the pay "they" were promised because the employer knows that "they" can't get the legal system involved without risking deportation.

I believe that all human beings are equal regardless of where their birth certificate says they were born. And because of that I don't think it's the government's place to say that "those" people shouldn't be here, that "those" people don't get to sing the national anthem in whatever language they choose, that "those" people aren't worth our time and consideration. Everyone deserves the opportunity to make a home for themselves wherever they choose to migrate and creating things like "Guest Worker Programs" only continues to perpetuate the second class status of people of color in this country. People are people and because of that we all deserve the opportunity to make a living wage, be provided health insurance and enjoy safety and security within our homes.

Don't fool yourselves. The reason there is an immigration problem in this country isn't due to the existence of immigrants. It's due to the racist and economically suffocating domestic and foreign policies of the Unites States (Empire).
So if you want to make a big stink about a Spanish national (war) anthem, go ahead, I'll be teaching my children that all people are created equal, regardless of the language they speak, and that freedom of speech is a human right - not an American one.


At 5/05/2006 10:25:00 AM, Blogger cherylann said...

hey, did you watch that movie?


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