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Friday, April 28, 2006


Me again ... And I'm insulted as you all should be. Pissed off really.

Have you heard the latest legislation being proposed by Republicans to help ease the pain of high gas prices? No they haven't suggested slashing or even cutting off all government subsidies to oil companies in response to the overwhelming profits that are being collected at our expense. No, not that. They're not calling in CEOs and other oil company executives and demanding explanations about why the price for a barrel of oil is skyrocketing by the hour and yet their salaries keep growing even though they say oil production has slowed ... No not that either.
Instead Republicans are offering the American people a PR stunt ... See, they care about us. Really they do. And they understand our struggle to fill our tanks so that we can get to work everyday. So they want to offer each of us a onetime "Gas Rebate" of $100. Wow! $100! I could get like two tanks of overpriced gas for that! Thank you, thank you so much!

But wait a minute ... I'd like a hundred bucks just as much as the next person, but wait just a minute ... They're going to give us each $100 of taxpayer money? Wait a minute ... doesn't that make it already my money? So they're going to give me back $100 of my money so that I can continue to buy gas at overinflated prices? Why am I not pleased by that? They want me to take the $100 of money that was already mine before April 15th and continue to support price gouging? Something sounds a little fishy here...They want me to be HAPPY about receiving $100 of my own money so that I'll vote for a Republican in the midterm elections? Am I the only one who thinks something is wrong here?

Don't fall for it. A "Gas Rebate" isn't an answer to big oil companies continuing to steal money out of the pockets of you and me. It's a PR stunt. I mean, take the $100 - absolutely. But don't let it end there. Demand that prices be cut or subsidies taken away. Demand that oil companies be held accountable. Why is it that you and I have to pay two and three and four times over to subsidize oil companies (already subsidized by the government) run by millionaires who aren't feeling any kind of oil crunch ... It's time we demand that oil companies stop stealing from us and face criminal charges for price gouging!!!

And if I get a $100 rebate, it won't go back into the pocket of Exxon Mobil ... No. I'm donating it to the DNC to help prevent another disaster of a presidency.
See you at the polls, people.


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