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Friday, July 21, 2006

Peace Now

I was just reading a blog entry from Sempiternal Horizons and I am inspired. There is a movement on the internet right now called the "World Peace Flame," where people are encouraged to post this image as a sign to the world that we are all wishing for and working for peace.

I was inspired by this flame as I hope that you are. Use it as your default image or anywhere on your website to show your commitment to peaceful resolutions.

My wish is that people will not just use this as a symbol, but will be moved to action to put pressure on their governments to aid in resolving current violent conflicts, not only in the middle east, but all over the world. But don't stop there - demand that your government pursue ALL diplomatic options before ever considering military engagement. Enough is enough.

War can never be justified in my mind because those that suffer the greatest losses are civilians, especially children, who have done nothing but live their lives, work at their jobs and pray nightly that they will live another day. War is the instrument of governments who crave more power both political and economic. Are we going to allow children to continue to die for that?

So take whatever action you will ... just take some action. If we don't take it upon ourselves to save these peoples' lives, then who will? And if it's happening in the middle east or Darfur today, why not where you live tomorrow?

Peace to you all . . . and take care of one another.

(Thank you for your inspiration, again, Shani)


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