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Saturday, June 17, 2006


I was listening to NPR yesterday and the discussion was about "Gitmo." And the overall consensus was that the Bush Adminstration was in too deep to close the illegal prison even under international pressure to do so. One gentleman's remarks can be summarized as such: I don't think President Bush will close the prison because I don't think there's much of a political push to do so. If the prison were to remain open neither he nor the Republicans would suffer much politically speaking.

Never mind that the prison is illegal. Never mind that they are holding people, guilty and innocent, there indefinitely without formally charging them. These prisoners are being kept in limbo, and reports say they are also being tortured during interrogations, all in the name of national security. And yet it doesn't seem to matter to the powers that be that what they're doing is WRONG on so many levels. Since there is no political price to be paid - Who cares?

But that's another discussion for another day. What it made me think about is the real power of the vote. Politicians like their positions of power and they don't want to lose their cushy job in D.C. But they only get to stay if we, the people who vote them in or out, allow it. We make the decisions. And the above statement proves just how powerful the vote can be.

The following link came across my email today and I'd just like to pass it on. If you feel so moved, check it out. I know some of us are feeling quite disenchanted with our current situation, we're feeling powerless to do anything about it - but we can make a change. And it starts at the ballot box. The elections in November are important. VERY IMPORTANT. Unfortunately, we may actually have to suffer through Dubyah and his cronies for another two years (unless my prayers are answered and he Cheney, Rumsefeld, Condie ... all of them are put behind bars where they belong), but we can at least slow down their aggressive, I'll say it, evil, corporate welfare-friendly agenda by voting out Congress people who also support it. Change is slow, but let's not throw in the towel. We can do something.

So check out the link. Make the pledge. We do have the power to stop the killing and begin to set this country straight. Thanks for listening . . .



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